Rough Sleeper? How to Keep Your Hair Wrap on Your Head

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Rough Sleeper? How to Keep Your Hair Wrap on Your Head

What precisely is it that we do while sleeping that causes our hair to be an absolute disaster in the morning? Rough sleepers know the struggle of waking up with wild frizz, knots, tangles, and hair that feels like all the moisture has been sapped away by bedsheets. Even if you do wear a wrap at night, if you’re doing unconscious cartwheels while you sleep, it more often than not slips off at some point. So what’s the solution, and why even bother wearing a wrap? We knew there had to be a solution, so we developed one that is both simple and elegant.

woman wearing headwrap

Why Wear a Wrap at Night?

There’s more that goes into wearing a head wrap at night than the fact that perhaps your mother did, and her mother before her. It turns out that there are several healthy benefits of wearing a headwrap that you weren’t even aware of! Wraps are especially efficacious for wearers with longer or curlier hair, as a wrap will help prevent unnecessary tangles and breakage from occurring. Everyone moves in their sleep, and if you’re reading this, you’re likely someone who moves considerably more than the average sleeper. But how do you keep that wrap on? Let’s keep exploring...

pretty woman with hair wrap

Preserving Your Style

Many people wear headwraps at night to preserve their hairstyle. It’s likely that you’ve spent a lot of time and perhaps a good amount of money on getting your hair styled just the way that you like it. Wearing a wrap while you sleep is an ideal way to maintain your style for longer, putting a few more days between your last visit and your next visit to the salon. This is especially true if your hairstyle includes a blow-dry treatment or several braids. Your wrap will cause less friction to occur while you sleep, preserving your hairstyle for longer.

young woman wearing a traditional headwrap

Style Less Often

If you manage to keep your wrap on all night long while you sleep, you’ll find that you barely have to spend any time brushing or styling. Your wrap will help prevent all of those frizzy tangles and knots from forming, making your morning routine that much easier to manage. With a wrap that stays in place, you can give yourself a few extra minutes to get ready for your day — or treat yourself to a few extra minutes of hitting the snooze button! It’s a simple solution that saves you from the literal headache of dealing with brushes, combs, heating tools, and styling products every day. But how — how — do you keep your wrap on? With ear anchors!

ReWrap ReNu headwrap with ear anchors

Keep Your Wrap in Place With Ear Anchors

That’s right! This is one of those products that comes along that makes many of our customers think “why hasn’t this been a thing all along?” ReWrap ReNu has developed several beautiful wraps specifically designed to stay put all day or all night long, all with the simple addition of one key feature — ear anchors. Instead of stuffing your ears inside your wrap, our wraps feature discreet anchor points for your ears. Simply place your ears through the anchor points and tie your wrap as you normally would! It’s that easy to have a head wrap that stays put and won’t come off.

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